Read here first!

I'm just this guy, you know? Born in one part of the world, now living in another part of the world, I'm just trying to enjoy life as best I can. My interest is easily engaged and I have very few convictions, so my mind often wanders in all sorts of directions but/and rarely ever settles down anywhere. I consider this a virtue.

There are those few convictions though, and one of them is the reason why I've decided to start a blog such as this. It is this: There is nothing more fascinating than the fact that we humans have developed self-awareness and intelligence such as has never occurred in the entire known universe, and that we are able to study and understand, with more and more clarity, the nature and inner working of both reality and our own brains perceiving it. Furthermore, because of all of this, religion and faith (specifically, faith in the existence of a god), that have been annoyingly prevalent and (some would argue) necessary up until the relatively recent past, can be done away with at last. We've grown up quite a bit as a species and are finally realising that, besides doing more harm than good, religions simply do not make sense anymore (nor really ever have).

I should add that my purpose here is not to annoy Christians or anyone else of any other religion, even as fun as it is to do so =P (sorry but it really is). No... My purpose is to help those who are in doubt understand that their doubt is a good thing. Good and healthy. It ultimately leads you to a much more joyous freedom and more satisfying understanding of the universe. If my words annoy you or upset you anyway, please do two things: Tell me why, and more importantly, ask yourself why.

My personal spiritual journey has been very interesting and reading about it will give you a bit more perspective as to where I'm coming from in all my posts. 

My intention is to write as much as I can and as truly as I can about why you don't need to simply -believe- anything anymore. I will tackle everything from the crazy extremists (fundamentalists, creationists, etc), to the so called "religious moderates", to the much milder forms of spirituality that have cropped up over last century or so. And you can also expect the occasional philosophical ramble that may have little to do with religion. Like I said, I'm just this guy... I didn't go to university and haven't formally studied anything beyond high school, so it's from this perspective that I'll be writing. 

Please participate! I want to write a lot, and I'm bound to make all sorts of mistakes. I need you guys to interact... To comment, correct me, tell me how much you disagree with me, and why. And of course, write to me. Send me your stories... Discovering the workings of other minds helps me keep my perspective fresh =)