Your Story

I really hope that this section will grow fast. It's a section for you guys. Whoever you are, whatever you do, you have ideas about this universe we all live in that are relatable to everybody (at least, to varying degrees...).

I'm very interested to know what those ideas are. What do you believe? (If at all you do...) and why? What has lead you to where you are today? Write it all down, stick in Gmail and send it to me =) I'll then post it here for the benefit of everybody. Plus, if ever you don't feel like explaining it all again to someone who asks "So what do you believe?", you'll be able to just give them the link, and link to any other online spots you would like to include. (Your Youtube, for example. Or whatever "social media" site(s) you may use.)

Send your story to shadow (dot) journal (at) gmail (dot) com